Sunday, November 18, 2007


Isn't this horrendous? What does your garage look like? There is a perfectly good pool table under all that stuff. It is just too easy to put something there instead of taking the time to find a good home for it.

Why do I keep empty boxes? I have a three car garage that barely fits two cars in it because of all the boxes. Well, them and the pool table and the unused sectional sofa and bikes and old computers, but they are completely covered in boxes so it might as well be just boxes. Nearly all of them are empty, too.

I should just toss them out but I can't do that. I might NEED them some day and if I throw them out then I won't HAVE them anymore. Being a compulsive pack rat is not pretty. My only redeeming feature is my love affair with organizing stuff. I have empty box inside of empty box inside of empty box ad nauseum. I challenge you to get more useless stuff neatly packed away than I do.

(I hear you Kedge. I will be over sometime this week.)

I want my garage back. And I want to play pool on my pool table sometime, too.

There, I did it. I put over 40 of the boxes where Da can trip over/find them the next time he feeds the dog. Then he will squash them and put them in the recycle bin for pick-up tomorrow. Hopefully, I will still be asleep. If I don't see it done it is not as painful. I think it will take more than one pick-up, though. When he is done with that batch, I'll get the rest. Right now I can't get to them 'cause some other boxes are in the way.

Edit: The egg crate mattresses on top of the pile are kinda the color of November's birthstone, the topaz.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Almost sapphire blue for long gone September

This post is for KnitteryKate.
She wanted to see what could be "Lovely lavendar and blue, soft and cuddly".

Not bad for a first project on my new machine.

It is a monogram on the corner of a fleecy blanket for Gramma's birthday, in case you couldn't tell.

I could have chosen an easier first project but I hadn't had any lessons or anything yet and how can one know how to do things at first without trying? And besides, those who know me know I never try the easy way first.

Good Intentions

I always have good intentions and then I just don't follow through. What is the major problem here? Is it even a problem?

I've been reading all kinds of blogs because of this nablopomo thing. It is nice. Lots to read and stuff. And then I think, "I haven't blogged in ages. Why?" Hmmmm. Let me think...

Is it because I haven't done anything worth writing about? No.
Is it because I have nothing to say to anyone? No.
Is it because nothing ever happens around here? No.
Is it because I want to keep my life secret? No.
Is it because Spider Solitaire is so much easier? Partly.
Is it because I am basically lazy? Mostly.
Is it because I am not disciplined enough to make myself do things on a regular basis? You got it.

I know I've gotten hundreds of visits and page views and these (you) poor people see the same un-new page most of the time.

How rude of me is that? Very.
Can I fix it? Yes.
Will I fix it? Time will tell.