Friday, February 15, 2008

Irish Oreo

Ta is now an official quilter.

She has a friend who saw one of her quilts and he wanted one, too.

I told him to go to a paint store and get me some paint chips of the colors he liked.

There weren't many.

After much time and debate, Ta and I settled on a pattern and got this one started.

Onyx, of course, helped.

My, and now Ta's, quilting gives her more places to stretch out.

I'm not sure whether it is the quilt or the warm lamp, but Onyx is always in the thick of things.

She does still use her box bed in the background, really.

And it is done, TA-DAH!

Onyx would disagree but Ta did most of the work on this one. I helped only a bit and Onyx did almost nothing.

It looks very complicated and optical illusion-y, but it really is pretty simple.

An Irish Oreo quilt for an Irish Oreo.


Amethyst is for February

This is so February and amethyst and everything. Even the different shades of purple are what amethysts do.

Can't get any more February than this.

It is too bad that the wisteria behind is not blooming but then it wouldn't be February, it would be April or something.

I'm just sorry I can't take any credit for this. Well, maybe... I did buy the yarn with Da's money but that is all. Ta made this for a friend who really likes purple. She finished it and I took the pictures. The end.