Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm back!

Ha! It has been so long since I signed in to Blogger that I forgot how. It took me about eight tries and then I had to do that squiggly letters thing and then it still didn't work. Perseverance paid off and I finally remembered the right things to type. I shouldn't let that happen. Maybe I should write down my user name and password some place safe... there, did that. This memory has too many holes.

Anyhow, I have been keeping myself busy, but I don't know doing what. Probably organizing things because that is what I do when I don't have anything else to do. I love organizing stuff. It makes me happy and content.

En Has found a new place to live and is all moved in. It is really nice, too. Gramma was all set to come and see it then she decided to go to the hospital instead. Harrumph. Some people will think of any excuse, it seems. (Just kidding, Gramma.) Gramma is better and is back home so maybe she will feel up to seeing it now.

But... maybe we will wait on that because En is battling the ants that come marching in. I have never seen so many ants! Where do they come from? Why do they like dry, sealed instant breakfast packages? and dry cat food? and dry dog food? Dry kibble? Yech. I can see them coming after the hummingbird feeder but they have left that alone. Crazy ants. En has been scrupulous in keeping things clean. All food, not in cans, is in the refrigerator. En sprays Windex everywhere. We even had a pest control service out to help and yet they keep coming back. We think each time that they are gone but, no, they are back again the next day. I can't get the cupboards organized when she has to keep emptying them to get the ants. How rude, those ants are really annoying that way. I NEED to organize. En is halfway considering moving again.

Any suggestions anyone?