Monday, August 27, 2007


Today was a very hard day for us. Our dog, Brigadoon, died peacefully in our arms at home, a little past 7 am.

She was a beautiful German Shepherd Dog with a perfect temperament. We got her as a puppy and had the most fun training her. When she went deaf at a young age she still remembered all her commands because we had used hand signals with each one.

Here she is letting us know she would like a cookie out of the pantry. She had us well trained, too.

Our first dog training instructor commented on her manipulative ways when she was just twelve weeks old. He knew.

Here we are on one of our many walks down in the riverbed behind our house. She loved those walks but not the hosing down required before coming back inside.

Yes, she was a house dog. She could always be found in the same room as I or just outside it in the hall. A very constant companion.

She is showing her age here, looking a little tired. She was over 13 years old so it was time, but that doesn't make it any easier. Her passing leaves an empty hole in our lives and lumps in our throats. We will sorely miss her.

(I absolve myself from posting about green today.)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Birthstone blogging

Knitterykate and I have come to the conclusion that we need some kind of impetus to keep us blogging more regularly. After more than a year it seems we have run out of steam or something. So this is what we came up with on the way to the airport yesterday.

At least once a month we will write about something that is the same color as the birthstone of that month. We can write more often but the color has to be mentioned each time. We also must do a project of some sort each month using that color. We have to rationalize using a different color if we do. I know Knitterykate can come up with some really crazy rationalizations if she is not watched, so can I. Maybe more so if we are watched.

This is our way of getting back into blogging more regularly and also, getting more projects done. If you would like to join us in our zanity, please do. Leave a comment so we know who you are and so we can peek in on you.

This is August, the birthstone is the Peridot. The color is a sad, yellow-green and it is kind of a dull stone. It reminds us of sleepy sand in the eye. It is not very pretty. We can say that because it is ours. We will skip August and start with the pretty stone in September, the Sapphire.

Ready Knittery? Get set, GO!