Monday, January 08, 2007

Buzzing Hummingbird

Here he is, my resident Costa's humming- bird. He has a purple head and throat. I have three feeders for humming- birds and he keeps all the others away, except for a female which I think may be his mate. Hummingbirds are so territorial and aggressive. He even buzzes around me trying to scare me away. But I'm bigger.

Notice the gorget that sticks out behind his neck. It is purple, too.

Now I just need to get the sun to cooperate and shine into my backyard.

Nevermind that I have a two story house and the backyard is on the north side of it.

To do him justice, this bird must be seen in the sunlight.
I will keep trying to get a good picture.

I spied him in the mallow bush which is closer to the sunlight. Click on the picture and you may get an idea of the intense metallic purple that this bird is known for.

I think he is beautiful and he may buzz me anytime.

Friday, January 05, 2007

It'S NOT, it's rambling

I'm done with this cold and I'm not doing it again. I don't remember the last time I was sick. That is a good thing but, I forgot what it was like. For those of you who don't remember, it is not fun. I like not getting sick better.

The hummingbird that keeps frequenting my feeders is not cooperating. He has a beautiful metallic purple head not the red of an Anna's and not striped like a Calliope. I think he is a Costa. He won't stay long enough for my camera to turn on. Maybe soon.

My Sims are doing fine. My being sick was good for my Sims.

I got the back yard covered with landscape fabric so the weeds can't get ahead of me this year. Cupcake and I cut holes to let the good plants through yesterday. I'm kinda sorry he got the job that he interviewed for yesterday. I have so much work to do that I'm not able to do myself. I hope he can still do some on his off days.

Chase and Brig are getting old. Both of them needed help getting back up the hill. Brig made it up half way before she tired out. Cupcake carried her the rest of the way. She weighs about 80 pounds, I guess. I and she appreciated the help. Chase sat at the bottom of the hill and wouldn't move. Rapunzel worried about him so we all went back down and discovered he couldn't stand up. He just whimpered. No amount of coaxing did any good. Finally, using a beach towel sling and the strong arms of Cupcake and a neighbor, we got all 120 pounds of him up the hill. Once inside he refused to budge. I had visions of having to carry him outside for potty breaks. I gave him a double dose of Rimadyl (pain killer) and left him by the fire while I went upstairs to get ready for meeting. When I got back downstairs, he had made it through the dog door and outside. Whew. But he just collapsed out there. And it was starting to rain. Silly dog. The cold and damp are what make your arthritis flare up. Laying out in the cold drizzle is not a good remedy. Using the towel sling, I got him over to his water bowl, which is what he wanted, and back inside. When we got home from meeting he was back to normal, and spent the night on the upstairs sofa.