Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I'm not gone, I'm right here.

So many things to get done after the funeral. Some things that got dropped as we flew back and forth across the country. Other things to tie up all the loose ends of Papa's life, not that there were many, he was a very organized person, but still.

Then En arrived for her long planned visit. She has been here for a week now and we have been having fun doing things together. We've done lots and lots of jig-saw puzzles. Seven, anyway. Lots of bulbs got planted and some house plants got repotted. We have even spent some time at Schnickle-fritz's shop cooking her books and organizing her stash of fabrics. (No more yanking fabric out and stuffing it back just anywhere, please.)

All that is not to say that I couldn't have blogged anytime I wanted to. I just didn't. I didn't have anything to say, not that I do now but maybe I do...

This blogging thing reminds me of taking tests in a way. The short answer or essay kind. I remember one test specifically. It was in Genetics. We were given several three line questions each at the top of a blank page. I answered them in a few lines wondering why we were given a whole page to write our answers. I look for clues like that when taking tests. I got a little concerned after glancing around the room and seeing other students frantically filling the pages. What all could they be writing? The questions were simple and I answered them simply. Oh well, leave them there, hand in the midterm and go home. Next class we got our papers back and I had the highest score. I guess I could have filled the blank pages with something but why? Same with blogging. When I have something to say, I will say it.