Thursday, January 31, 2008

The color of January is GARNET

If Knittery can post on the last day of January with her garnet colored project and get away with it, then so can I.

Since my Green Bargello quilt can in no way be construed as resembling a garnet for the month of January, I will have to do something I am adverse to do. I will have to publish a picture of a quilt before the intended recipient gets it. I think it is okay because I don't think she ever looks on here and it is in such an early stage of con- struction that she will still be surprised if she does. So here it is-->

This is how most of my quilts start--lots and lots of strips. This one has two sets of garnet-y color so I am forgiven (by me) for doing August's color in January. This will also be all you get to see until after I give it away in March.

I did finish a garnet colored project, too, but I, as is so often the case, forgot to take a picture of it before giving it away. Just imagine a deep, red, fleecy blanket with Chuggy's initials, will you?


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Green Bargello Quilt

Here I have all the fabrics just back from the store and ready to be pre-shrunk. I had to lay them out in order and take a picture because this pattern is really a stickler about being kept in order and I couldn't trust myself to remember.

Two of these fabrics didn't make the final cut. I will probably use them in another quilt some day.

And this is my cat, Onyx. She will be telling the story from now on.

I have a perfectly good bed which I like. I spend a lot of the time in it. Yeah, it is old and ugly, even dirty, but I like it anyway. Except to add insult SHE put it beside a WIP that is RED! I don't like red, see that look on my face? Come on!

Ahhh... This is much better. Room to stretch out. And doesn't it bring out the green in my eyes?

What do you mean, there is another cat bed behind me? Where? I don't see it.

Here I can roll over...

...and take a bath.

I think these orderly strips should really be a little more mussed up, but SHE objected.

See, without my help SHE couldn't have done this.

This is where I sleep at night. I can't wait to see how warm it will be.


...and closer.

A corner here showing the new stitch that SHE was playing with on HER machine. It kinda goes with the whole theme of this quilt, being leaves and leafy.

Okay, it doesn't really match my eyes.

Now will you go away?

I can't find MY quilt.

SHE had the audacity to give it away before I could even sleep under it.

I want a green collar.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

Hey, how about that? I skipped all of December! I also skipped all of October. Maybe I just don't like even numbered months. Nah, that is not it because my birthday is in an even numbered month and I like that month.

But this is a new year and I get to start fresh again. My tradition is to recap the past year as the first post of the year so here goes (It's not really a tradition but I'm going to make it one.):

January--Cold snap--13 degrees. Lots of plants freeze making me not want to garden anymore.
March--Pink and black quilt. En moves to town.
April--Taffy baby quilt.
May--Start another diet.
June--Help En move to her own place.
July--too hot to think
August--My much loved dog, Brigadoon, died. She is missed. Broke camera during lunar eclipse.
September--Acquire two new machines, sewing and embroidery (and camera).
October--Attend classes all month to learn new machines.
November--Start a Bargello quilt.
December--Earache to beat all earaches.

Hmmm. Not a very eventful year.

The diet is slow going--about 2 pounds a month, but hey, I'm getting there. Sixteen pounds off is good.

When I get more comfortable with my new camera, then maybe pictures will happen more often, maybe not.

Shall I resolve to use my treadmill for more than hanging quilt pieces on?