Saturday, June 02, 2007

En has a Fit!

Why is it that I have not blogged in a while? Hmmm, I dunno. Things are happening around here, but not very fast.

As most may know, En has been living with us since the beginning of March. Many things contributed to her decision to move back to California. Seattle and she did not agree. A California girl through and through, living in a basement in the rainy Northwest was not to her liking. It didn't help to have a near record breaking siege of rainy days to start out. She expected that, kinda. But family was absent. She didn't expect to miss us so much. Then, her truck started acting up and then just quit. How could she ferry her housemate to appointments without a vehicle? Then the house water heater burst a pipe. Then the upstairs toilet broke and flooded through the floor. Can one ever get dry in Seattle? How about wet houses? Can you smell the mold and mildew from where you sit? That only exacerbated her life long battle with asthma. And there you have one unhappy person.

It didn't take much to convince me to go up and help her move back. I didn't like her living so far away in the first place. After seeing her living conditions, I was sure that Seattle was not the place for her. So she moved back. She donated her old truck to some outfit that wanted it. It would cost far more to fix it than it was worth. I couldn't see even trying. We packed all her stuff into a U-Haul truck in the rain, carrying the big and heavy things around the house and up the hill rather than negotiating the narrow stairway. En drove the whole way south. I was a little intimidated by the large truck, so I was designated entertainer for the trip.

First off we needed to get her a vehicle. Da and I have never liked the idea of buying used cars. Something about "why did the previous owners not want it anymore?" En has always driven used cars. She is fine with them. But now Da and I thought it was time for her to get a new one. But which one? Research, research, research.

She finally settled on a Honda Fit. It is a cute car, good mileage and small, and not too expensive, just right for En. But hard to find. People seem to snatch them up right off the transport truck. We test drove an orange one but, no way could we buy that color. We put in our bids for a blue one at all the nearby dealerships.

What a run around! "Sure, we (will) have a blue one, come on in." Then,"Oops, did we say we had one in stock? How about one of our used cars?" We opted to go with the dealer that treated us with respect and didn't just tell us what he thought we wanted to hear. Very straightforward was he. He even delivered it right to our door when it finally did come in for real. We live over an hour away from the dealership so we didn't have to make that trip again. I know, most dealerships will do that but, it was nice of him anyway. I'd recommend Jim Rist of Honda of Corona to anyone.
Isn't it cute? In Europe it is called the Jazz.

I think she should name it Clark because in trying to describe the color to her father En likened it to Superman's tights.

En doesn't relish living with her parents at her age but she acquiesces. We have had good times together, though. We have helped each other lose weight, even! So far about 20 pounds between the two of us. We commiserate about wanting to eat everything in sight. We go for walks. Actually, En is the one that gets me out and going. I'm not much for self motivation.

Maybe next time I'll tell about her house hunting.